“Working with Jim Lucas on the design and choice of materials was fun. Jim's experience and candor helped us to avoid costly mistakes and invest our money where it would be most valuable in the long term. Jim reviewed every detail of the house plans personally including location of recessed lighting, paint colors and tile choices. The layout of the house has proved to be flexible and well thought out. It has served us well for entertaining large parties as well as a growing family. The quality of the construction is outstanding with timeless finishes and craftsmanship.”
-Stephanie and Brian Walls
Lucas Properties began creating extraordinary homes 30 years ago, uniting uncompromising commitment, talent and quality to realize well-designed homes that nurture your well-being and safeguard your investment for generations to come.

Over the years we have recruited a loyal team of true craftsmen committed to serving our clients by doing the best job possible in their field of expertise.


We partner with you to create a home that is “built for your life.” We take our partnership seriously and strive always to provide a thorough and well-considered home-building process. By listening carefully to your needs and drawing on our years of experience, we are able to help you realize even the most unique residential projects. Whichever architectural style you choose, we will diligently execute it with a perfect balance of timeless form, function and quality. Our homes are created for the life you live today and are designed to adapt to the changing needs and styles of the years to come.


The homes that we build are environmentally friendly, stately, and unique with an heirloom quality. Their timeless facades and flourishing gardens weave into the fabric of their neighborhood.


Jim Lucas and his family have lived in Bucktown for over 20 years. Jim has played an integral role in the flourishing neighborhood by embracing the residents, along with their concerns associated with a rapidly growing and changing community, while building over 40 quality homes in the area. Jim's strong dedication to his employees, many of whom have been with him for over 30 years, and his clients, some of whom are in their second Lucas home, has afforded him the unique ability to reside harmoniously as a neighbor among the homes he has built.