It has been an incredible opportunity and privilege for us to have worked with so many wonderful people over the years, to understand their dreams, visions, and needs and transform them into extraordinary homes. All of us at Lucas Properties cherish these experiences. We have asked some of those folks to jot down a few words about their experience with us for our website. Please take a moment to read about their experiences...
“Our home is timeless in design and constructed to last more than a lifetime. All materials used were of the highest quality, yet always within the budget allowed for each and every allowance. All workmanship was attended to like it was his home. The attention to detail is unmatched and rarely seen in projects I've witnessed first hand. Pat and I could not be happier or more proud of our home and delighted with our selection of Lucas Properties as our builder of choice.”
-Pat and Don Pierini
“Jim's post-construction assistance and advice has been especially helpful since this is our first house after apartment-living. It's almost six years and Jim still helps us out if we have any issues. The house is so well-built that we simply never worry about problems which seem to plague so many other homes.”
-Patti & Gerald Mackin
“I don't know very much about the building business, but I do know about business, and I know that someone who chooses to live in the smack middle of his customers must do a very, very good job. That's the case with Jim. When you know that someone could be ringing your doorbell at anytime to complain about something, you make damn sure that there's precious little to complain about.”
-J. Hoffman
“My wife and I met Jim Lucas over 15 years ago and we asked him to build us a house to start a family. When our family grew to six + a dog, we needed more space, and Jim built us a bigger house. Our daughters are now tweens and they need their own space, so Jim is going to fix that problem by altering our third floor. When you get a Lucas House, you get a home for life and life is always changing.”
-Sarah and Cliff Norris
“May 3rd of this year will be my 15th year in my Lucas home. The design, build quality and attention to detail are unparalleled, I couldn't be happier.”
-J. Levy
“We work in residential real estate, so we have heard many horror stories about builders who are looking to turn a quick dime. Lucas Construction isn't one of “those” builders. It takes someone who is confident in their work to build mainly in the neighborhood in which they themselves live.”
-Leo G. Aubel and Aaron Dennison
“Walking to work from 1430 N. Lakeshore – save $3 in train fare.
Livin' in a place built by a friend who has a superb eye for quality, an uncommon patience and is as trustworthy as the day is long – priceless!”
-Bill Tresham
“To put it simply, it is impossible to imagine that the task could have been completed without the steady hand, patience, integrity, creativity and wisdom of Jim Lucas and his team. From the layout to the materials to the finishes to the systems, Jim and his team were there to share the best of their experience and to work with our own ideas about what might be right. And, from the day we started to this very day, Jim is available 24/7 to talk about these things.”
-Madeleine Panaccio
“Twelve years later we still live in this house and receive raving compliments from all who visit. This well-built house remains an architectural beauty and was designed to accommodate the needs of a family or a larger gathering of guests.”
-M. Robling
“Jim Lucas constructed our home with a level of personal pride that you rarely see with a builder these days. His attention to detail is impeccable and he never settled for “good enough.” Jim was always on location to ensure things were done right. Three years after purchasing the home from Jim Lucas, I have still called with questions and he is extremely responsive. I would highly recommend Jim Lucas.”
-PJ Huizenga
“It's been well over 10 years since we built our first home with Lucas Properties...what struck us most as we worked with Jim was his integrity as a builder. Not only was the quality of workmanship excellent, but Jim was a man of his word. We could always count on him to follow through with something that he promised, even if it wasn't in writing. And once we weree in our home, we never felt abondoned. As our family grew, we returned to Lucas Properties to build another fabulous home. They did not disappoint.”
-Lisa and David Aronson
“With Jim, however, we could have based our agreement on a handshake like many deals between neighbors across small town America. Jim is a man of his word and the people that he employs are among the most skilled and trustworthy craftsmen we have met. It was a pleasure to work with Lucas Properties and we cannot say enough about how smooth and orderly the process was. We will absolutely use Lucas Properties and Jim Lucas, if we can tear ourselves away from the home we love, to build again in the future.”
-Greg and Lisa Ahern
“We are fortunate to still enjoy our Lucas Properties home after 8 years of good memories. We are thankful we chose Lucas Properties who have at least once a year come to our rescue on more than one occasion for tasks as menial as turing on our water (when I forgot which handle it was) to rescuing a toddler that accidentally locked himslef in a room! Lucas Properties represents what building should be...an ongoing positive relationship when both builder and homeowner achieve a common goal of producing a quality home to enjoy.”
-Diane and Marquis Sauvane